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Name: Edmund Abaka
Office Phone: (305) 284-3702
Fax: (305) 284-3558
Address: Department of History University of Miami,
P.O. Box 248107, Coral Gables, Florida 33124-4662
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor


The Development of Western Civilization I
The Development of Western Civilization II
History of Africa I (to 1800)
History of Africa II (Since 1800)
West Africa Since 1000 AD
History of Ghana (1750-1950)
A History of South Africa: Early Settlement to Nelson Mandela
Colonialism and Imperialism: European Expansion in Africa 1815-1920
Islam, Christianity in Traditional Religion in African History
Slavery and Emancipation
Egypt and the Nile Valley: From Napoleonic Invasion of Egypt to Menelik of Ethiopia
Environmental History of Africa
Comparative History: Segregation and Apartheid in South Africa and Black America:


York University (Canada) Ph.D. (African History) Fall 1998
Thesis: Kola Nut production in Ghana 1865-1920

University of Guelph (Canada) M.A. (European History) 1991
Major Paper: Popular Opinion in Germany During the Nazi Period 1933-1945

University of Cape Coast B.A. (Hons) 1986
University of Cape Coast Dip. Ed. (Distinction in Teaching Practice) 1986

Long Essay: "Teaching Why the Mahdist Revolution Broke Out and Why it Succeeded to 'A' Level Students in a Ghanaian Secondary School."


University of Miami Instructor 1997-8
University of Cape Coast: Teaching Associate (Dept. of Arts & Social Sciences Education) 1988-9 University of Ghana Institute of Adult Education, Cape Coast Workers' College: Part-Time Tutor, 1987-9.


Edmund Abaka "Eating Kola: The Pharmacological and Therapeutic Significance of Kola," Ghana Studies 1 (1998): 1-10.

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Edmund Abaka, "Kola Nut" in Kenneth F. Kiple & Conee Kriemhild Ornelas (eds.), The Cambridge World History of Food and Nutrition New York & Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 1999).

Edmund Abaka "The 'Book-longs' Sword-bearers, and Money-makers": Students, the (P)NDC, the IMF and Education in Ghana, 1981-1990s," in Twentieth Century Paradigms in Africa Studies (Africa World Press - forthcoming)

Edmund Abaka, "Collaboration as a Form of Resistance," in Kevin Shillington (ed.), Encyclopedia of African History, London: Fitzroy Dearborn (forthcoming)

------------------- "Ghana: Colonial Economy: Cocoa Farming, Mining, Transport and Trade," in Shillington (ed.), Encyclopedia of African History (Forthcoming)

-------------------- "Ghana: 31st December Revolution and the Fourth Republic, 1981 to Present," in Shillington (ed.), Encyclopedia of Africa History (forthcoming)

Edmund Abaka Review of C. Edward Skeen's Citizen Soldiers of the War of 1812. Lexington, Kentucky: The University of Kentucky Press, 1999. The Historian (forthcoming)

Edmund Abaka, "Traders and Soldiers: The Hausa Diaspora in Ghana (Gold Coast and Asante), 1865-1914," Proceedings of the UNESCO/SSRCC Summer Institute, Identifying Enslaved Africans: The "Nigerian" Hinterland and the African Diaspora, York University, 14 July-1 August, 1997. Toronto, Canada.


Edmund Abaka," 'St. Mandela' and the Crisis of Leadership in Africa" Asenta 5, 1 (January 31, 1999), pp. 9 & 21.

Edmund Abaka and Martha Kateri Ferede, "Environmental Degradation in Africa," Asenta 5, 6 (March 31, 1999), pp. 9 & 27.

Edmund Abaka, "The Killing Fields of the Sudan: The Mother of all Genocides," Asenta 5, 9a (September 1-30): 7.


University of Miami General Research Support Award 1999 Documenting the Ghanaian Experience in the Economic Development of Kola Nuts as a Major Cash Crop in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Principal Investigator - Edmund Abaka

Faculty of Graduate Studies Research Grant, York University, 1996 (For research at the Herskovitz Library, Northwestern University in Summer 1996 as part of Dissertation Research.

CUPE Research Fund, York University, 1996 (Teaching Assistant' Union's support for Graduate research)

Research Assistant, The Travelling Culture Project: The Asante & Swahili Communities in Toronto (Principal Investogators - Profs. Ato-Sekyi-Otu and Ioan Davies, York University - 1996)

Research Assistant, Multiculturalism and Education in Canada: The Case of Ontario. (Co-ord. Edward Opoku-Dapaah, Centre for Refugee Studies, York University) Principal investigator Dr. Michael Lanphier - 1995)

All-African Students' Conference (North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean), (General Cordinator)

"Asante History and Culture through Art." Presented at the Tribal Arts Society Meeting, Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, October 14, 1999.

Advisor, Miami Art Museum Exhibition, Beads, Body and Soul. Art and Light in the Yoruba Universe, June 25-August 29, 1999.

Conference Organiser, Presented at the Pan Africanism: The Past, The Present and the Future Conference at the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, April 9, 1999.

"The Nkrumah-Garvey-Du Bois Triad and Pan Africanism in the 21st Century." Presented at the Pan Africanism: The Past, The Present and the Future Conference at the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, April 9-10, 1999.

"The Evolution of the Hausa Diaspora in Southern Ghana: The Case of the Cape Coast and Saltpond Zongos." Presented at the Southwestern Social Science Association, San Antonio, Texas, April 1, 1999.

"The Computer as a Glorified Typewriter: Education, Technology and the Private Sector in Africa." Presented at the USA Business Conference on Africa, Sofitel Hotel, Miami, March 23, 1999

Chair of Panel, Joint Meeting of the American Historical Association and the Conference on Latin American History, Washington D.C. January 7-11, 1999.

"The Art of West Africa." Presented at the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, December 20, 1998.

"The Sokoto Caliphate and Asante: The Hausa Diaspora in Ghana 1850-1950." Presented at the 41st Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Chicago, Illinois, October 29-November 1, 1998.

"Kola and Servile Labour in Ghana, 1865-1920." Presented at the Canadian Association of African Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada, June 2, 1998.

"Spotlight on Africa: The Clinton Visit and Africa in the 21st Century," Presented at the All-African Students Conference, University of Notre Dame, May 8, 1998.

"The Critical Phase of Higher Education in Ghana 1981-1991." Presented at the African-New World Studies: A 21st Century Paradigm in International Studies Conference, Florida International University, May 1-2, 1998.

"Boatloads of Kola: The Hausa Diaspora in Southern Gold Coast and Asante 1865-1920," The African Studies Forum and the Department of History, Florida International University, May 2, 1998.

"Kola Nut Production In Ghana (Gold Coast and Asante) 1865-1920." Harriet Tuman Seminar Series, York University, February 7, 1997

"Traders, Slaves and Soldiers: The Hausa Diaspora in the Gold Coast and Asante, 1845-1900." Presented at the West Africa and the Americas: The Repercussions of the Slave Trade Conference, February 20-22, 1997, University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

"A Comparative Analyses of Witchcraft in Africa and Europe" Faculty-Graduate Students Seminar Series, University of Guelph, 1991.


Edmund Abaka & Wofa Yaw Nyarko, "Homecoming: Breaking the Myth of the Door of No Return," A Video Production of the 1st Emancipation (From Chattel Slavery) Ceremony in Ghana.

Director, "Music 4 U Programme," Akwaaba Afrique/Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (Television) 1998-9. Produced Music $ U videos for Ghana Television


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