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International Conference on the Role of the African Youth on the Continent and in the Diaspora in the 21st Century

Development of Western Civilization I.

Development of Western Civilization - II.

West African History 1000- 1960 - 400 Level Seminar.

Slavery & Emancipation.
History of Africa II (Since 1800).
Themes in Modern African History.
Islam, Christianity and Traditional Religion in African History.
Nelson Mandela: The Man, The Movement, and The Legacy. 
History of Africa I (To 1800), Pre-Colonial African History (Survey Course).

Spring 2000

Edmund Abaka, 625F
Tel: (305) 284-3702

This course deals with the emergence of modern Africa from about 1800 until the present. It will look at the European conquest of Africa, African responses to colonialism, the overthrow of colonialism, independence and the post-independence period. Specific issues to be investigated will include, among others, the scramble and partition of Africa, the political economy of colonialism, the rise of nationalism and the formation of nationalist movements, independence, post-independence problems, the military in African politics, Africa's perennial problems - drought, famine, migration - structural adjustment programs and their impact on various African countries, and the search for new socio-economic structures.

Afigbo, E. Ayandele, G. Gavin, J. Omer-Cooper, and R. Palmer. The Making of Modern Africa. London: Longman, 1996, 2 vols.
Boahen, Adu A. African Perspectives on Colonialism.
Collins, Robert O. Problems in African History II
Decalo, Samuel, Coups and Army Rule in Africa. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1990.
UNESCO General History of Africa: vol. III. Africa Under Colonial Domination 1800-1935


Africa. A Voyage of Discovery with Basil Davidson.
Africa: A Triple Heritage, Ali Mazrui

Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart.
A Man of the People.

Book report 2 - 40%
Quiz - 10%
Mid-term - 20%
Final exam