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International Conference on the Role of the African Youth on the Continent and in the Diaspora in the 21st Century

Development of Western Civilization I.

Development of Western Civilization - II.

West African History 1000- 1960 - 400 Level Seminar.

Slavery & Emancipation.
History of Africa II (Since 1800).
Themes in Modern African History.
Islam, Christianity and Traditional Religion in African History.
Nelson Mandela: The Man, The Movement, and The Legacy. 
History of Africa I (To 1800), Pre-Colonial African History (Survey Course).


The course provides a forum for students to discuss three major forces which have had profound impact on Africa. This 'triple' heritage - Islam, Christianity and Western education, have shaped, and continue to shape the continent's future. Historians of Africa have been re-examining the impact of these forces on the continent. The course will, therefore, introduce students to the interplay between Arab, European and African ideas, institutions and cultural practices. It will investigate this complex and rich heritage - Islam, Christianity and African Traditional Religion - and show how African cultures have been influenced by these forces.

The course is divided into three units. The first unit deals with Islam - beginnings, spread to North and West Africa, the nineteenth century Islamic Revolutions, and the overall impact on Africa. The second unit will look at Christianity in Africa from two perspectives - African Christianity (Coptic) and European Christianity (missionary). It will also keep in sharp focus the introduction of colonialism, western education (vis-a-vis Traditional African education) and their impact on African institutions and cultural norms. Finally, African traditional religion will be evaluated to show the world view of the African people, and how this intersected with Arab and European ideas .