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International Conference on the Role of the African Youth on the Continent and in the Diaspora in the 21st Century

Development of Western Civilization I.

Development of Western Civilization - II.

West African History 1000- 1960 - 400 Level Seminar.

Slavery & Emancipation.
History of Africa II (Since 1800).
Themes in Modern African History.
Islam, Christianity and Traditional Religion in African History.
Nelson Mandela: The Man, The Movement, and The Legacy.
History of Africa I (To 1800), Pre-Colonial African History (Survey Course).

This course analyses the history of slavery and emancipation in Africa and the Americas from the late 16th century to the early twentieth century. It considers the origins and development of slavery in Africa and the Americas, the development of the plantation system of the Americas, the demography and economics of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the impact of the slave trade on Africa and the Americas, the abolition movement against slavery and the slave trade, and the nature of post-emancipation societies. It will also look at the theoretical literature on slavery.

Students will be expected to write four, short essays that examine selected themes in the historiographical literature on slavery and emancipation. Topics for these essays are to be chosen in consultation with the instructor. Each student will be expected to choose one topic
on Africa, one on the Caribbean and one on the Americas.

Reading assignments are to be drawn from the attached bibliography at the discretion of the student and the advice of the instructor.

1. Slavery and the Slave Trade: Definition
2. The Origins of slavery
3. Slavery, The Slave Trade and the Development of the Atlantic Economy
4. "Discovery," Technology, Capitalism and the Rise of the Slave Trade
5. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Demographic Patterns and Historical Debates.
6. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Impact on Africa and the Americas
7. Enslavement: Methods and Issues
8. The Demand: Plantations and Mines of the Americas
9. Slavery in the U.S.A.: The "Peculiar" Institution.
10. Slave Life and Culture in the Americas
11. Slavery in Africa: A Response to the Export Trade?
12. Abolition of the Slave Trade
13. "Legitimate Trade" and the Rise of Slave Economies
14. Emancipation in the Americas


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B. Slavery: A Definition

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